Company History

        J.M. Crawford & Associates, Inc. (JMC), Consulting Engineers, was founded by John M. Crawford on April 1, 1967. Mr. Crawford’s firm began offering engineering services from a small office on South Ashland Avenue near the University of Kentucky campus. With a small, professional team consisting of many UK engineering students working part-time, the office initially provided bridge design services as a subconsultant to many other engineering firms throughout the state of Kentucky. Projects included Design and Construction Inspection Supervision.

        Soon after the firm was founded, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet also began selecting the firm to provide design services as prime consultant on bridge projects throughout the state. In 1977, the firm was selected for several fast track projects in the Federal Aid Bridge Replacement Program. As a result of the on-schedule completion of these projects, many design contracts for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet followed and the firm’s size and ability grew as the 1980’s approached.

        In 1980, the firm began providing a wider range of civil engineering services including highway and street design, storm and sanitary sewer design and design services to the mining industry. The early 1980’s also saw the addition of two long-time employees being named partners of the firm, when Joseph Hodskins and Christopher Reid were named principals. These two engineers helped diversify the company into a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm which began providing numerous street design and sewer system design projects to the City of Lexington. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began selecting the firm to provide design services on multi-mile highway projects by the mid-1980’s. Also, the Kentucky Finance Cabinet began selecting the firm to provide engineering services for the Abandoned Mine Lands restoration projects. Services to the coal industry were provided by the firm throughout the 1980’s. In Lexington, the firm began providing a wide range of services to the Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works.

        By the end of the 1980’s, the staff of JMC had developed into a group of very experienced and capable professionals, all consisting of long-term employees most of which had been with the company more than 10 years. On September 1, 1988, John M. Crawford retired as the President of the firm and returned to his beloved role as structural design professional. Joseph Hodskins succeeded Mr. Crawford as President of the firm and Christopher Reid was named Vice President. Mr. Crawford continued as an active member of the firm until his retirement in 1999. Also in 1999, Stuart McIntosh joined the staff of JMC as a project engineer/manager and in 2001 he was named a principal of the firm.

        At the end of 2018, Chris Reid decided to retire after 45 years of service. Stuart McIntosh was named Vice President and Lee A. Carlisle joined the firm as a project engineer/manager.

        In 2019, the firm celebrated its 52nd Anniversary in business. The growth and reputation of the firm are the direct result of individual efforts and close cooperation by all of our past and current people. Our future success depends on the continuation of these efforts and strict adherence to the highest standards.