Dry Ridge Road – KY 1649

  • Project Owner: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Location: Casey County, KY

     This 1.0 mile segment of KY 1649, beginning at an intersection with KY 70 just east of Liberty, has severe geometric deficiencies with grades approaching 18%, negligible shoulders, nine-foot wide lanes, and curve radii as short as 80 feet. The rural minor collector highway has a posted speed limit of 55 mph and carries a 2006 ADT of 2,000 vehicles across rugged terrain. Already unsafe, the projected ADT for this stretch of the highway in 2027 is 5,100 vehicles. In addition to being a troublesome highway to maintain, the crash rate factor is already high.

      The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet selected Crawford to provide Phase I & II design services for all elements of this project. Nine difference alignments were studied in depth including the preparation of cost estimates. After an initial public meeting presenting three corridors, four alternative alignments were prepared for the Preliminary Line and Grade Inspection. All alternatives met the design criteria for a 55 mph design speed. A subsequent public meeting was held to present the preferred alignment for comment.

      Project design considerations included the minimization of impacts to several blue-line streams, a residential development, potential historic properties, family cemeteries, and a municipal water supply tank. In addition, the new intersection with KY 70 was designed with increased truck traffic in mind. As a result, KY 70 was also widened to three lanes up to an intersection with KY 817 (a connector to US 127).

     This project was let to construction in September 2011 for $3.9 million.