KY 90 / KY 1247 / US 27 – New Interchange

  • Project Owner: KY Transportation Cabinet
  • Location: Pulaski County, KY

     This project is a grade separation interchange of KY 90/ 1247 and US 27 just south of Somerset in Pulaski County, Kentucky. J.M. Crawford & Associates provided all preliminary and final structure plans for five bridges and two retaining walls as part of this project and performed all work as structure sub-consultant to the project’s prime roadway consultant.

     The crossing of KY 90/1247 over US 27 is in close proximity to mainline tracks of the Norfolk-Southern Railroad. Consequently, KY 90/1247 and three ramps of the interchange cross over the railroad. The fifth bridge is a crossing of KY 1247 over a Norfolk-Southern spur track leading to a power plant near the interchange.

     J.M. Crawford & Associates worked with geotechnical engineers to develop foundation recommendations for all structures. The structures included:

  1. KY 90/1247 over US 27 – 4-span, 49′-113′-113′-49′ Type 5 PCI Beam bridge on curved alignment.
  2. KY 1247 & Ramp B over NS RR – 3-span, 63′-92′-63′ PCI Beam bridge on curved alignment.
  3. KY 1247 over Cooper Power Road & NS RR – 3-span, 45′-89′-58′ PCIB bridge on curved alignment.
  4. Ramps A & B over NS RR – 3-span, 58′-90′-87′ PCI Beam bridge on divergent curved alignments.
  5. Ramp C over NS RR – 3-span, 52′-88′-52′ PCI Beam bridge on tangent alignment.
  6. Two cast-in-place cantilevered retaining walls approximately 645′ and 211′ in length.