KY 234 over Drakes Creek

  • Project Owner: KY Transportation Cabinet
  • Location: Warren County, KY

     The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet selected J.M. Crawford & Associates to provide preliminary engineering, final roadway design and structure design for this bridge replacement project.

      The Purpose and Need of this urban improvement project was to increase safety and reliability of the bridge on KY 234 over Drakes Creek and to ease the transition from the multi-lane urban typical section to the narrower rural road. Improvements included replacing the bridge on KY 234 over Drakes Creek and improving the lane transition to the nearby I-65 interchange.

     This project was designed to the most recent CADD Standards for Highway Plans Policy. J.M. Crawford & Associates was the Prime on this project and developed all grade, drain, surfacing, right-of-way and structure plans.

  • Joseph Hodskins, PE – Project Manager and Design Engineer
  • Stuart McIntosh, PE and Chris Reid – Design Engineers
  • John Vinson, Greg Crank and Ernest Jones – Engineering Technicians